Kandi & Todd's Restaurant Is Still In Progress

At this point, Kandi's appearances on The Real Housewives of Atlanta all seem to be about her other businesses, other shows, and other ways she's looking to make some cash. This episode, she and Todd were working on their plans for an "Old Lady Gang" restaurant, which was very behind schedule. But is Kandi's restaurant open yet? Well, this couple still seems like it's doing well emotionally, but the logistics of their restaurant seem like it's a big of a nightmare. According to what Kandi was posting on Instagram at the end of October, the restaurant is incoming, but it's still not open, and after seeing it in her posts, it looks like it's more "Kenya's housewarming party" than it is ready to open.

The RHOA coverage showed that this restaurant is going to be huge, with at least a half dozen different areas, from a bar, to several dining rooms, to a nightclub-esque area to a performance space that Todd envisions for jazz bands, in addition to a huge kitched where Kandi's aunties' recipes will be cooked for what they hope is hundreds of guests every night. While I'm sure Kandi's family knows how to cook, this is a massive undertaking for a first restaurant, to be certain, and so it's probably smart for the Burruss-Tuckers to take their time.

And when they weren't talking about the considerable cost of opening the OLG dinging roomMama Joyce once again has heard a rumor from the "streets," this time, targeting Phaedra and her divorce. According to Mama Joyce — and some quick Google confirmation from Team Kandi — Phaedra could have used Apollo's felony conviction to rush her divorce. According to Georgia Divorce Online, Mama Joyce is right that a felony can be used as grounds for divorce, but Phaedra could have also just chosen not to get divorced super quickly.

But back to the restaurant. According to more Instagram posts, the Old Lady Gang restaurant is finally finished and will be opening soon. And now that Mama Joyce's shade about Phaedra aired on the show, it seems Kandi will be celebrating her restaurant opening and the possible end of her friendship at the same time.