Joe Biden Pranking Trump Memes Are A+

by Jenny Hollander

After the week we've had, we all need a bit of Joe Biden in our lives. In the days after the shocking electoral college upset that left Donald Trump president-elect — I know, I know, you're still wincing — the Internet was happy to oblige: Joe Biden pranking Donald Trump memes took over the web this weekend. Given that Obama seems hell-bent on being as presidential as possible towards president-elect Trump (albeit, I imagine, through gritted teeth), it's up to Joe Biden to set up the White House to be as uncomfortable for President Trump as possible, is the idea.

If Obama is the picture of poise during tough times, Joe Biden's face is the way we're really feeling. Whether he's winking, pointing, grimacing, or giggling, Biden's reaction to the ever-changing world around him is infinitely more relatable than Obama's — even if Obama's reaction is the grown-up, professional, proper reaction we know we're meant to have. That's the theme of the Biden-Obama memes that promise that the White House will be booby-trapped for Donald Trump and his entourage of scary men (*cough* Steve Bannon *cough*).

Even if Obama and Biden have to leave, President Trump will feel the aftereffects...

On Drone Strikes

On The Wi-Fi Password

Yes, We're Still On That Password

On What To Play When Trump Enters

On Bad Directions

On Making Sure Pence Is Uncomfortable

On What Will Be Left Behind

On Pointing

On Obama's Birth Certificate

On Cleaning Out The Fridge

On Knuckle Sandwiches

On Keyboards

On The Mini Trumps

On Blocking The Entrance

On Nigel Farage

On 'Home Alone' Inspo

On Those Hands

On Saddling Trump's Administration With Expenses

On Setting The Clocks Back

On The Decor

On The Secret Service

Please don't leave us, Joe and Barack.

The two will live on in our dream White House, running around like this, forever.