Makeup Hacks Beauty YouTubers Swear By

by Rachel Nussbaum

YouTube stars tend to have a distinctly glamorous, larger than life look, and while that genre of Instagram makeup hasn't come without controversy, it hasn't tampered much with the desire to do as they do. The shining highlighter, brows, flawless skin, and lipstick that stays on as they pull eighty different faces — it's fascinating. There's nothing like watching someone create themselves with a Beautyblender.

But if you're more interested in the end results (and don't have time to watch every tutorial uploaded weekly), beauty vlogger ThatsHeart (in collaboration with Marshalls) has laid out the makeup hacks every YouTuber knows for Bustle, ~taking us behind the ring light~. Heart recently partnered with Marshalls on their latest Pin Pals programs to surprise everyday followers with gifts inspired by their Pinterest boards where you can begin your beauty hack journey.

Meticulously listed makeup credits can only do so much, and these ten tricks do the rest. Expert-approved, Heart has tried everything from tape for a clean lip line (an Insta dare) to all the Pinterest makeup dupes floating around the 'net, so rest assured, she knows her stuff. Ranging from the practical to the MacGyver-esque, the hacks are imbued with the trademark goofy know-how that makes Heart so lovable — although to be honest, half her channel's greatness comes when things go wrong. Unfortunately pretty impossible with these hacks, but luckily, that's what the internet's for.

1. Tightline Your Eyes

According to Heart, filling in the little gaps between your upper lashline adds the perfect finishing touch. If you're not quite sure how to master this, check out Wayne Goss's wise words, or this mega-viewed lining tutorial.

2. Overline Your Lips Just A Little

Heart stans for a little lip contour. She says it creates an instantly plumped up pout sans filler, for a noticeable difference — this Kylie Jenner-style liplining tutorial gets it right.

3. Take Your Time With False Lash Glue

Always let the glue dry just a little before applying, Heart says. It'll make the glue extra tacky and easier to apply.

4. Grab Tape For a Cat Eye

"The easiest way to get a perfect cat-eye line is to use a piece of tape – flawless every time!" This trick also works if you’re looking for a sharp eye shadow line, Heart says. Just remember to work the tape around in your fingers to get rid of some of the stickiness, or get ready for a skin-stretching situation. This tutorial is good for beginners.

5. Eye Shadow, Highlighter By Any Other Name

Ran out of highlighter? According to Heart, you can use a light, shimmery eye shadow in a pinch. Just remember to tap off the excess pigment, and blend like there's no tomorrow.

6. Lip Balm Them Brows

"If you’re all out of eyebrow product or your brows are just out of control in between waxes, don't worry," Heart says. All you need is a waxy lip balm to set them in place and you’re good to go.

7. Tape Over Any Fall-Out

If some eye shadow falls onto your cheeks while applying, Heart says to make like a kindergartner during clean-up. Loop a piece of tape around fingers, and gently pat the area until the shadow is gone.

8. Mattify Lipstick With Powder

To turn any lipstick matte, Heart says to hold a thin piece of tissue to your lips, dip a brush in translucent powder and dab away over the tissue. As a bonus, it'll also help with staying power.

9. Mascara As Liner

If you run out of eyeliner or some other tragic fate befalls it, Heart says to just grab an angled eyeliner brush and your mascara. Take some out of the tube and apply to the top lashes — and "for your bottom lashes, gently swipe the mascara wand along your lashline to apply eyeliner and mascara at the same time."

10. Brush Away Mascara Mistakes

Don't freak out if things suddenly, horribly go clumpy. Heart says to let the mascara dry, and then take a makeup brush at an angle and brush it away – it will come right off.

And with that, go forth and start your own channel, or at least star in some selfies.

Image: via ThatsHeart/Instagram