Kourtney & Scott's Vacay Doesn't Mean A Reunion

Of all the celebrity breakups in the world, the one I most wished wasn't true was the one between Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick last year. I'm happy they've been able to maintain a friendly relationship since their split, but it's not the same as those beautiful, golden years when they were in love and bantering back and forth on Keeping Up With The Kardashians every week. But now, could they actually, finally be getting back together? Uh, maybe not — even despite rumors to the contrary. Over the weekend, Kardashian and Disick went on vacation to Mexico together, and even though some seem to think it's a sign they're reuniting, I'm definitely not convinced.

If you follow these two on Instagram, you already know that they've been together over the past few days. Both of them posted a different version of the same photo of Kardashian in a pool with the same caption. If you're going just off this photo, it'd be easy to think that this was a romantic vacation, and a source claimed to People that this trip is part of Disick's plan to get his ex back. So what's the truth? Are they back together or not?

The magazine's insider says that Disick "whisked her away" on the surprise trip and that they seemed "close and happy" while hanging out in Cabo San Lucas together. But that's not enough to make me think that they're ready to make this official. Kardashian and Disick haven't exactly behaved like most exes; the fact that they were a couple for so long plus their three children together basically means they can't separate in the same way some people might be able to.

And being that they've gone on vacation together in the past without it meaning anything romantically, this trip alone doesn't necessarily mean anything either. It's definitely interesting that they chose to leave town supposedly without their children in tow, but I'll wait for official confirmation before I get too excited.

Besides, every time Kardashian has been asked if she's interested in trying again with Disick, her answer has been a resounding no. She just hasn't seemed ready to jump back in yet. Maybe things have changed since then, but if I'm going to believe a reunion is actually in the works, I'm going to need more proof. I'm not ready to get my heart broken again!

Here's hoping they find their way back to each other eventually. And if not? The arrangement they have set up now is pretty sweet, too.