'Begin Again' is Keira Knightley's First Happy Movie? 7 Actors Who Should Follow Suit

Finally a happy role for Keira Knightley! The actress describes her new film Begin Again as a "New York fairy tale of a young woman who tries to finally have the life that she always wanted." Keira Knightley chose Begin Again because it's uplifting after she realized that she'd lately only played tons of unhappy characters who die terrible deaths. "After Anna Karenina, I suddenly realized that for the past five years, in all of my films, I either died or was subjected to situations that were each more horrific than the last," Knightley told DuJour magazine. "So I wanted more positive vibrations!" And with this new movie she certainly seems to have achieved her goal, starring alongside Mark Ruffalo as the pair bond over creating an album together.

But Knightley's not the only actor whose found themselves taking sad role after sad role. Here are 7 other actors we want to follow Knightley's lead and do a film that's a little happier.


She had Parkinson's disease in Love and Other Drugs, she died unexpectedly in One Day after finally getting her life in order, and she died a tragic death in Les Mis. It's time she gets to play a role that lets her live! Princess Diaries 3, anyone?


This actor has died in 14 of his films, and also broke my heart in his rendition of the father who just wants the best for his children in Everybody's Fine. Let's let De Niro play a role that doesn't kill him off, okay? But maybe one a little bit less terrible than say, Meet the Fockers. It's a fine line.


We know you're trying to win an Oscar, Leo, but you need to let yourself have a little sanity too. He died in Great Gatsby, he died in Titanic, he was a terrible person in The Wolf of Wall Street, he suffered a terrible fate in Shutter Island, and WE STILL DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM IN INCEPTION. Point is we need a cheerful film for DiCaprio STAT.


Everything they're about to do to Peeta in Mockingjay Parts 1 and 2 is enough to make me want to give him nothing but smooth sailing roles from here on out.


He's well known for his movie meltdowns. So hows about we give him a role that lets him use his indoor voice?



She's forced to watch Jack die in Titanic, she dies in Finding Neverland, she dies in Revolutionary Road, and she dies in Contagion. I'm in the "Let Kate Play a Happy Role Next" fan club.


Dumped by George Clooney in the middle of outer space, she deserves to reprise a happy role. Like her Gracie Hart FBI agent/beauty queen one? Please?