Nick Viall's First 'Bachelor' Trailer Is Here & It's Looking Like A Super Competitive Season

I will admit that I had a major crush on Ben Higgins earlier this year, but that's all over now. I am ready to accept Nick Viall as my favorite Bachelor ever, and if you feel the same way, I am about to make your day. Since the big announcement was made at the end of Bachelor in Paradise, I've been dying for the first glimpse of Viall's season, and now, it's finally here. The first trailer for Nick Viall's Bachelor season has arrived, and it's promising us one really competitive season.

Unfortunately, the trailer is way shorter than I'd like, but that's OK, because hopefully, more is on the way soon before the show's January premiere. The promo contains clips of Viall's past TV heartbreaks (like the poor guy needs to relive those again) before his new contestants get a little screen time, and they're all talking about how good looking he is. Um, duh. Tell me something I don't already know. There's not much new footage of Viall as the Bachelor — except for the classic shots of him dancing around in falling rose petals, obviously — but it's definitely enough to get you pumped for the season ahead.

In The Bachelor's long and storied history, we've seen a lot of dudes who have created some high stakes competition, but it seems like with Viall, the tension between contestants could be unprecedented. After all, between BIP and two seasons of The Bachelor, there have been a lot of opportunities for these women to fall in love with Viall like the rest of us have, putting him on a way different level than the leads who have come before him.

After seeing this promo, I'm even more ready to see Viall finally get the happy ending he's been searching for. The holiday season is great and all, but let's jump into 2017 already. I need The Bachelor back in my life!