Blac Chyna's New Pic With Dream Is Low-key

by Caitlyn Callegari

I think it's safe to say there's been quite a bit of hype surrounding Blac Chyna for the better part of a year now. From dating Rob Kardashian, getting pregnant, filming a reality show, and making up with the other Kardashians, there hasn't really been a dull moment to speak of. Except, well, now. Since she's given birth, it seems she's finally found respite in just being with her baby for a little while. Case in point, Chyna's most recent Instagram picture with Dream Kardashian is totally low-key and proves she's just a normal mom, despite her recent rise to fame.

While I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Chyna and Kardashian use Snapchat filters on their brand new little girl, somehow this understated picture is even better. Though, I must say, it's hard to beat the puppy filter in any kind of contest. That picture of Dream with floppy ears and a snout is still a very close second.

While it's hard for the baby to not steal the show with the cuteness, the newest photo of the mother and daughter duo shines a greater light on Chyna. We're so used to seeing her larger-than-life public persona on display that it reminds us she's not only that person.

With the reality star looking totally content with her baby snoozing in her arms and her attention focused off camera, it's perhaps the most intimate look into who Chyna really is that we've gotten yet. Yes, she's famous and embroiled in some drama, but she has a life outside of that, too. Though, that isn't to say her more rambunctious and colorful moment's don't have their merit, too. Her already famous sass and spunk makes her impossibly entertaining and fun to follow.

Still, every once in a while it is kind of cool to see her embrace a quieter, more laid-back moment or two.