You Have To See Bella Thorne's Red & Green Hair

by Kali Borovic

You might know this actress for her fiery-hued hair, but she just took her signature locks to a whole new level. According to her Snapchat, Bella Thorne dyed her hair bright red and green, and it's definitely her boldest look yet. The actress loves to change up her look, so it's no surprise that she's done it yet again. This time it looks like she was inspired by the upcoming holiday though.

Thorne loves to get on social media and show of her beauty changes. She's shared a Snapchat mid-tattooing and even documented herself getting a septum piercing. This time she shared 10-second videos of herself getting her hair dyed, and it was clear to see from the beginning that she was getting a drastic change. I definitely didn't expect the multi-colored hair design though.

It all started with a video of the dye being put in her hair. Then Thorne shared her bright red locks for all of social media to see. That wasn't it though. Hours later she surprised her fans by showing that she got bright green tips to go along with it. It's without a doubt her most drastic hair change yet. But don't just take my word for it. See for yourself.

There's no word yet on if the upcoming holiday inspired her hair change, but it honestly wouldn't surprise me. In my opinion, the Christmas-y color choice makes her look like a walking holiday. While the red isn't the most drastic hair change for the actress, the green definitely takes it above and beyond.

The star looks pretty excited about her new 'do in the Snapchat too. Thorne flipped her hair back and forth with a big smile on her face, while tell her fans about the new color. Here's what it looked like just hours before when she was rocking the bright red locks.

Either way, the actress looks great. You just never know what she's going to do next!

Images: bellathornedab/Snapchat (3)