9 Easy Indoor Crafts For A Rainy Day (Or When You Are Just Bored)

Rainy days are the perfect excuse to have a little "me" time. Sleep in. Stay in your pajamas. Curl up with some Netflix, or wine, or, you know, Mexican food. My idea of a perfect rainy day includes snacks, television, and some good old fashioned arts and crafts. With that in mind, here are nine simple and low-cost crafts you can easily do on a rainy (or just plain bored) afternoon.

Image: Studio DIY

by Corinne Caputo

jeweled heart sweatshirt

90 percent of all of my paychecks go to buying adorable sweaters that I don’t need. This jeweled heart sweatshirt from StudioDIY is cuter than most I own, and you can make it yourself.

Image: StudioDIY

wax resist technique scarf

You can make this! Creating this scarf is similar to dyeing Easter eggs, and A Beautiful Mess walks you through the technique.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

gold leaf manicure

I love a pretty manicure so this gold leaf design from Vitamini Handmade made me way more excited than I’ll ever admit to. You can try this while you wait for that jeweled sweater to dry.

Image: Vitamini Handmade

venn diagram pillows

Is it crazy to say circles are my favorite shape? Yes? Well I’ll say it loud and proud and show it off too with these Venn diagram pillows from Vintage Revivals.

Image: Vintage Revivals

bakery style sugar cookies

Ah, the art of baking. I haven’t yet mastered the classic sugar cookie but I think this bakery-style recipe from Coordinately Yours will certainly help.

Image: Coordinately Yours

message croutons

If you’ve ever wanted to send secret messages or sappy love notes like a, well, lover, these message croutons from Now That’s Pretty are perfect for you.

Image: Now That’s Pretty

makers gonna make printable

This print from Delia Creates is actually a printable and it’s definitely the easiest craft in this collection. Just print it out and hang it up! Easy peasy.

Image: Delia Creates

gold animal book ends

I know you probably have plastic moose toys lying around, so this should be a cinch. These gold animal bookends from The Effortless Chic are simple and chic.

Image: The Effortless Chic

gilded journal

I have more journals than I know what to do with, so what’s one more? These gilded journals from Swiish are as adorable as they are functional.

Image: Swiish