Peter Dinklage to Star in Video-Game-Filled 'Pixels', Alongside Adam Sandler & Kevin James

While we all jitter with anticipation awaiting Peter Dinklage's return to the screen with April 6th's Game of Thrones preimere, fans can rejoice in the news that the actor has landed yet another forthcoming role: Dinklage will star alongside Adam Sandler, Kevin James in Pixels, an adaptation of a short film by director Patrick Jean that has been on Hollywood's watchlist since it came out in 2010. Clocking in at only 3 minutes, the film hypothesizes what would happen if retro video game characters took over the planet: A giant Pac Man eats subway stops off a map as it might white dots in its traditional maze, while Tetris blocks fall from the sky and interlock with buildings. Turned into a blockbuster premise, this means that aliens are trying to conquer the world with literal Space Invaders, et al., such that the President (James) has to call on his two old friends (Sandler and Josh Gad) to help him save the day. Dinklage is lined up to play an arrogant gamer with some serious Donkey Kong expertise, a role for which I think he'll be perfectly suited, given his perfect prima donna rantings in Living in Oblivion .

Overall, this has been a pretty good year for Dinklage, movie-wise: He recently starred alongside Mila Kunis in the soon-to-be-released The Angriest Man in Brooklyn, and personally, I can't wait to see him slay the role of anthropologist Bolivar Trask in X-Men: Days of Future Past in May.

Meanwhile, get stoked for Pixels by watching the original short film, below:

Machinima on YouTube

And, for viewing ease, here's that Living in Oblivion scene, because it is just that good.