Yeah, Taylor Swift Is Incredibly Loaded

by Michelle McGahan

Forbes' Highest-Paid Celebs Under 30 list serves as both a luxurious fantasy and a sad, sad reminder that the rest of us earn just a tiny little fraction of what these stars make. While most of us twenty-somethings are busy struggling to pay rent or move out of our parents' houses or finally get our feet on the ground financially, these 30 stars are up there earning millions upon millions of dollars, and damn they are lucky. On this year's list, there is one celeb who is far and away the absolute highest-paid celeb in her twenties: That is, of course, Taylor Swift, who is so high up on the Forbes list that she beats everyone else by lightyears.

Seriously: 26-year-old T. Swift (she turns 27 on Dec. 13) raked in a cool $170 million this past year, earning her the top spot on Forbes' super enviable list. Last year's winners, One Direction, trail behind in second place with $110 million — not just $60 mill less than Swift, but also split between four of them. Other notable celebs on the list include Adele ($80.5 million), Justin Bieber ($56 million), Jennifer Lawrence ($46 million), Drake ($38 million), Ed Sheeran ($33.5), and Usain Bolt ($32.5 million).

Forbes credits T. Swift's 2016 earnings to her insanely successful 1989 tour, which grossed $200 million in North America alone — and grossed a quarter of a billion dollars for the rest of her world tour.

"She also padded her paycheck with endorsement deals with Apple, Diet Coke, Keds and other brands," Forbes reports.

In total, the site reports that her net worth is $250 million, which lands her a spot as the youngest member of America's Richest Female Entertainers.

Ah, to be young, successful, and absolutely, unfathomably rich.

Image: Giphy