These Are The Coolest New Vitamin Brands

When most people hear the phrase "daily vitamin regiment," they think of those big MTWThF cases filled with multi-colored pills that are very popular among the nursing home set. Vitamins aren't exactly the sexiest thing in the wellness sphere (that award goes to naked yoga) but there are a handful of new companies that are trying to change that with designer vitamins targeted specifically toward millennials.

As young women, we may think we don't have to worry about implementing vitamins into our routine. As long as we're drinking an occasional green juice, wearing sunscreen, and staying away from too many tequila shots, we should be fine, right? As it turns out, we're never too young to start using supplements (and no, I don't just mean the Flintstone kind).

There are certain nutrients our bodies need and may not be getting enough of, even if we abide by the most perfect routines (which I personally do not, TBH). Some companies, like Care/of and Ritual, are taking internal wellness to a whole new level by addressing the needs of our whole bodies through a multi-vitamin approach, while others like SugarBearHair and BeautyWorksWest are meant to become integral parts of our beauty routines by targeting things like hair growth and skin regeneration.

Meet five brands totally changing the vitamin game and figure out which one is best for you — just in time to jumpstart your healthy "New Year, New You" resolutions.

1. Care/Of

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We are all special unique flowers, and our self-care routines should reflect that. Care/of offers a totally personalized vitamin regiment that is meant to fit each and every customer's differing needs. First, you answer a series of questions on the company's website about what areas of your body/life you'd like to target with the vitamins (for example your skin, bones, digestion, energy or stress) and your diet and exercise habits. Then, the Care/of team puts together personalized vitamin packs depending on your answers, and they arrive at your door once a month in the cutest packaging I have ever seen (Vitamins that greet you by name?! I'm sold.)

Inside each pack is a unique mix of vitamins and supplements based upon your individual goals, lifestyle and values backed by scientific research, and are meant for both skeptics and vitamin aficionados alike. As if benefitting your own health wasn't enough of a draw, each purchase of Care/of helps put prenatal vitamins in the hands of a mother in need.

3. Sugar Bear Hair

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Ever wonder how the Kardashians get their thick, luxurious hair, other than with the help of Jen Atkin? With supplements — namely, these SugarBearHair gummy vitamins. These cute, delicious little teddies (which are totally vegetarian) contain a mixture of vitamins A, B, C, and E as well as Biotin and coconut oil to strengthen and moisturize your hair from the inside out. If Kim, Kylie, Kourtney, Kendall, and Khloe are onboard the vitamin train, then it must be cool.

3. Ritual

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If you're the kind of gal who needs an easy, on-the-go supplement option that you can pull out of your purse and pop whenever, the Ritual route may be right for you. The daily vitamin includes the only nine essential ingredients women need in the highest quality non-GMO, vegan, gluten-and allergen-free forms — nothing more, nothing less. The company's founder, Katerina Schneider, came up with the idea for Ritual when she was pregnant and was unable to find prenatal vitamins without questionable ingredients like aluminum, gelatin and titanium dioxide. Their slogan is "everything you need, nothing you don't," so you know you're not putting anything extra, unnecessary or harmful in your body. For $30 a month, the entire routine costs only $1 a day and can be delivered to your doorstep monthly.

4. Beauty Works West

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British brand BeautyWorksWest doesn't want to just be a valuable part of your vitamin regiment, it wants to be a part of your beauty routine, too. It offers three different kinds of supplements that can replace your daily multivitamin. The pills but help address the hormone changes and decreased ability to absorb nutrients that happen as women age. You can choose from three different options that target either your youth, energy or sex drive. I'll take all three, please.

5. Hairfinity

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No matter how many good fats you integrate into your diet, your hair still might not be getting the love it needs. Hairfinity Healthy Hair Vitamins are meant to compensate for whatever nutrients you aren't getting from your food in order to help you grow healthy, shiny hair from the inside out. They capsules contain amino acids in Hydrolyzed Collagen, MSM for vitality, and hair boosting Horsetail and Silica. Plus, they come in a really cute hot pink bottle, which is always a solid selling point.

Images: @careofvitamins/Instagram; Courtesy of Brands