The 2016 AMAs Could Be A Big Night For Beyoncé

Well, we are nearly at year's end and while many of us are happily waving goodbye to the insanity that was 2016, there is still a little fun to suck out of this year. The American Music Awards will air this Sunday, Nov. 20 starting at 8 p.m. ET and it is sure to be a show that simply can't be missed. Performances by Lady Gaga, The Chainsmokers and a duet by Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj already make tuning in worth it, but are we going to catch a glimpse of Beyonce at the 2016 AMAs?

While an appearance has not confirmed, Beyonce is nominated for four awards this year, so it is certainly possible. She will be competing for Artist of the Year, Favorite Soul/R&B Female Artist, Favorite Soul/R&B Album, and Tour of the Year. That AMA-nominated tour is now over, so Bey doesn't have a performance conflicting with the awards show this Sunday either. However, Beyoncé tends to be up for the top honors everywhere that she goes, and she can hardly attend every awards show on Earth. She's also no stranger to surprise appearances, so even though a Beyoncé appearance isn't guaranteed, it's still possible, and fans should definitely keep an eye out during the show.

This year, there has been a lot of talk about who will win the coveted Favorite Soul/R&B Female Artist award at the AMAs. Since 2007, the award has either gone to Rihanna or Beyoncé. These two powerhouses have completely cornered the market of this award. So far, Rihanna has taken the AMA home five times, while Beyoncé has won the category four times. Will Beyoncé be able to grab that fifth win this year? If I was a betting woman, I would place all of my chips in Bey's corner.

Lemonade alone makes Beyoncé this year's top contender. As great as Rihanna's ANTI was, there has never been anything like Lemonade, and I don't think there will ever be anything like it in the future. Beyoncé has proven to be innovative, supremely talented, and completely unpredictable as an artist. Of course, Rihanna has a lot of these same qualities and is a worthy nominee, but I just don't think anything can beat Lemonade.

No matter who wins and who shows up, the 2016 AMAs are sure to be a great night filled with great music, so you should definitely tune in. If Bey happens to make a surprise appearance, that will just make it all the more exciting.

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