Fans Mourn The "Old" Kanye On Twitter

I think it's safe to say that Kanye West has never, ever held back when it comes to expressing himself. Whether it be good, bad, wild, indifferent, the rapper has made a name for himself by being one of the most outspoken and opinionated stars in recent memory. It's what makes him, him. But just because you can express your point of view, does not mean that people will see things in the same way as you, or that it will always been well-received. And, to a lot of Ye's fans, his most recent comments are nearly impossible to reconcile. As Time reports, West told fans that he would have voted for Donald Trump at his San Jose concert Thursday night, and it is not going over so well.

According to the site, West's words "drew numerous boos" from the very fans who paid a pretty penny to see him. While indirectly and belatedly endorsing Trump, he also made remarks on racism that appear to go against his previous declarations.

As per Time, West said,

"I told you all I didn’t vote right? …But if I were to have voted, I would have voted for Trump ... Specifically to black people, stop focusing on racism. [The] world is racist ok? Let’s stop being distracted… it’s just a f*cking fact, we are in a racist country, period."

As I am sure you have plenty of feelings over his remarks, so does the rest of the internet. Many Twitter users have called West out on the seemingly contradictory statements from his current self as compared to his "old" self.

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