7 Of The Best Michelle Obama Memes

Michelle Obama will be missed. It's just that simple. She's been a beacon of graciousness and goodness, not to mention gorgeous style. The First Lady championed some amazing causes, from fighting childhood obesity to supporting the families of military members. And she's been doing it all while looking absolutely fabulous. That's no small feat to pull off, so serious gratitude is much in order. These Mobama memes are a great way to say goodbye to your favorite First Lady.

Doing the job of First Lady is not an easy one. But as she showed in her powerful speech for the Democratic National Convention this summer, Michelle knows how the handle the haters, and how to carry herself with dignity despite them. "When they go low, we go high." Those are powerful words to hold onto as the next First Family moves into Washington, D.C.

So for all those who are feeling teary-eyed at the prospect of losing Michelle Obama as First Lady, here are some memes to help you say goodbye:

Maybe The Goodbye Is Temporary?

The glass ceiling is still waiting to be broken. I'm just sayin'...

Michelle Knows How to Have a Good Time

#MannequinChallenge accepted. #MannequinChallenge dominated.

Mom Dance. 'Nuf Said.

I will mom dance with you anytime, Michelle.

Because, You Know, Michelle Herself Is Pretty Smart...

It's funny. Because it's true.

But There's Only One Michelle, Melania.

Let's not Make Plagiarizing Cool Again.

I Love Their Love

Some #RelationshipGoals for ya.

When Only Adults Were Allowed In The White House

Disagreement doesn't have to equal meanness. Maybe they'll be painting together in Texas soon?

So as we say goodbye to Michelle Obama as our First Lady, let's hope she's not gone from American public life entirely. It's been a great eight years of class and style.