Jason + Jenny + Sex = One Hilarious Baby

When two funny people find love, there's always hope that they'll reproduce and make one epically hilarious baby built to serve future generations with their double dose of wit and drollery, and today, my friends, that dream has come true. American Pie and Orange Is the New Black star Jason Biggs and wife Jenny Mollen are expecting a baby. Biggs announced the news on Chelsea Lately citing, of course, Jenny's "very big" breasts.

If you're not yet convinced that this little in-utero nugget is the world's next best comedian, all you have to do is follow Jenny on Twitter and Instagram. The woman is seriously funny; way funnier than that famous husband of hers. Anyone who writes: "Here's the thing, no gold medal is worth not having boobs", and "Attention men: Any text you receive from a woman was actually composed by a minimum of three women", and "Remember, behind every crazy woman, there's an even more batshit mother" is pretty much guaranteed to pass on her wisecracking genes.

We expect she's going to bring her undeniable realness to her pregnancy, too, because as Jenny grows a human inside her body, we have a feeling the jokes will get better and better. If it's a boy, she'll have a penis forming inside of her! The jokes almost write themselves.

Jason and Jenny have been married for five years — this is their first child.