This Vintage Spice Girls Video Might Be Their Best Show Of "Girl Power" Ever

Their entire career, the Spice Girls were all about promoting "Girl Power!" (Ginger Spice peace sign included.) But nothing — and I mean nothing — is more badass and genuine "Girl Power" than this recently unearthed footage of the Spice Girls shooting down sexist ideas for a commercial they were shooting. Scary and Ginger go TF off on the people making the ad, repeatedly questioning them why they want the Girls to show more cleavage and stomach. This commercial is from the late '90s — close to 20 years ago now — and while it is utterly appalling to hear their reasons for wanting the singers to shed more clothing, it is incredibly empowering to watch the Girls show their blatant disgust and anger towards what was happening.

"Why did you ask that? To have the cleavage showing and the midriff showing?" Scary demands in the outtake video from the shoot.

When one of the men working behind the scenes responds that it's "every man's fantasy," Ginger gets all up in his face. "You are a chauvinistic pig," she retorts. "That is such a cop-out."

Later on, Scary Spice looks right into the camera as she points to the director.

"He's the one who said, 'Can you show a little bit of cleavage and midriff?'" she says. "And we said, 'No, girl power!'"

Tell 'em, ladies. GIRL POWER FOR LIFE.

P.S. If you're interested, here are the Spice Girls' actual Polaroid ads — no cleveage and midriff involved:

Spice Girls Forever on YouTube