Cover FX's Perfect Setting Powders Are Coming Soon

by Kali Borovic

This holiday season has been filled with everything from unconventional lip hues to do-it-all kits, but now something much more practical is here. Taking a break from their seasonal launches, Cover FX created two setting powders as a part of their permanent line. While this isn't their first powder they've created, it's completely different than the others. If you're looking to get your hands on it, the I have some great news for you.

According to social media, Cover FX's Perfect Setting Powders will be available on the company's website on Nov. 21 at 8am EST. You'll also be able to snag it at Sephora on Dec. 29.

There are some things in life that you can never get enough of. Setting powder is definitely one of them. Tons of brands try to get the formula just right, but none are Cover FX's Perfect Setting Powder. With a name like that it has to be great, right? Well, according to the beauty blogger Trendmood, who's been trying the product out for a bit and posting reviews on social media, it's one of the best setting powders out there. That's high praise coming from someone who knows her makeup!

The powder comes in two different colors — Light and Deep. It's not the widest shade range, but since the powders are sheer they should work for a variety of skintones.

The company has yet to release the official prices yet, but considering how large these containers look, I'd say it's definitely going to be worth it.

Even though the powders have color to them, they're still branded as translucent. I'm super interested to see how these work. While I don't think these will fly off the shelves right away since they are more of a staple and less of a super buzzy launch, I wouldn't wait to long to get your hands on one.

Mark your calendars, people! Because this is the kind of beauty gift that everyone will love.

Images: coverfx/Instagram (1)