'Real Housewives' Needs Lisa Vanderpump

by Lia Beck

The third and final installment of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion will air Monday night and I hope you're ready for some more attacks on Lisa Vanderpump because that's what you're going to get. Bravo describes the episode as such: "Lisa is in the hot seat as Yolanda, Brandi, and Kyle all discuss the problems they've had with her while, at the same time, hope for some resolution." Nearly everyone is upset with her and it is this very reason that Lisa Vanderpump might leave Real Housewives . Obviously, she shouldn't because she's the best thing about this show and, with everyone mad at her on the reunion, the next season could bring great things.

Vanderpump spoke with Radar Online and when asked if she would return for a fifth season said,

I don’t know right now I have to be honest. It is a tough season for me. I have got a lot going on. If it becomes about a bitch fest then it is not something I signed up for; but if it becomes about documenting my life, which is the show I signed up for and having fun and supporting women that is something I want to do. But the way the show was in the end, the last episodes, that is not something I would care to repeat.

It seems crazy that Vanderpump thinks this show was ever more of a documentary than a "bitch fest," but that's what is so great about her. She has an amazing way of painting situations so she looks good. She can be around for a fight, but as long as she makes a sarcastic comment in her charming accent and then goes to hangout with her tiny dogs and husband, she looks like she's innocent and above the drama. For this reason, Vanderpump can claim that she's not on the show for the crazy arguments and actually have it come off as genuine. She's built up episode upon episode of proof.

And it's no surprise that she's only saying this now that the women are angry at her. Vanderpump is the only person on the show who is able to simultaneously stay above the drama while giving into it and all the other women have only just realized this. The show is at a turning point and we need to see what's around the corner.

The Wire recently ranked ALL of the Real Housewives from every iteration (expect D.C.) and Vanderpump took the number one spot. The explanation points out Vanderpump's success — her Vanderpump Rules spin-off, her time on Dancing with the Stars, and a wedding special for her daughter — but one line in particular is the key to why she should stay. "Things are going south for ol' Vanderpump in the current season — Pump Puppet Brandi [Glanville] finally turned on her." We need to see what will happen with Vanderpump and Glanville. Will Glanville be smart enough to stay mad at Vanderpump? Will Vanderpump turn on Glanville and use reverse psychology to force Glanville to come crawling back? And what about Kyle Richards? Richards has more common sense; she could be the one to finally get Vanderpump portrayed as the bad guy.

On the other hand, Vanderpump leaving the show now would really prove that she sees herself as above everyone else. "Oh, they're mad at me now?" she'll think, "Well screw that! I don't need this show anyway."

In the preview for the final reunion show, Glanville asks Vanderpump, "If there was a fire burning and we were both in it, there's Scheana and there's me, and you could save one person... who are you going to save?" Well, that answer might be just what we need to clear up Vanderpump's future on the show. Hopefully she says "both" because there's always room for another Real Housewives/Vanderpump Rules cross-over episode.

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