Kylie Underwear Could Be A Thing

Kylie Jenner sure does know how to stir up a social media frenzy. She’s been posting cryptic photos and linking to a Kylie Shop Instagram account and website, but she hasn’t given any details about what she’s got coming our way. Can you buy Kylie Jenner’s “Kylie” underwear? Her Instagram posts could be hinting at something.

According to a press release, there will be a Kylie pop-up shop that will carry Kylie Cosmetics products and other “exclusive Kylie Jenner merchandise,” so could underwear and other undergarments be on sale at this location, too? It’s hard to know for sure, but signs point to it being a strong possibility.

You see, Jenner’s mysterious posts have all consisted of her wearing various pieces of lingerie. And now, she posted a photo wearing a pair of bikini cut bottoms which have “Kylie” printed along the back of them. This logo matches the one you’ll find on The Kylie Shop website, so I have a feeling that this is a major clue. Launching bras and underwear is something I never expected from her, but she's got a knack for surprising her fans. So, perhaps you will be able find these undies online and/or in her pop-up shop. Just another thing you never knew you needed from the great King Kylie, you know?

You've gotta admit this matching bra and undie set is cute.

Jenner does love a good co-ord, but who knew she'd potentially be creating some of her own? She never ceases to amaze. If she's not hinting at creating a lingerie line, she really should consider looking into doing so.

I mean, people seem to be into it.

They even seem to be willing to spend all of their money on it.

Jenner has a way of always delivering for her fans. So, here's to hoping this time's no different!