The Pür Cosmetics Royalty Collection Is Amazing

If you want to add something a little more creative an atypical to your makeup routine, then consider checking out Pür Cosmetics Royalty Collection. Designed and created by internet sensation beauty gurus Angel Merino and Jade Marie, they'll definitely give you something new to play with.

In case you haven't heard of the line's designers, Merino is a celebrity makeup artist, beauty influencer, and YouTube makeup vlogger, with over a million followers on Instagram. Jade Marie is a makeup artist and L'Oréal Brand Ambassador, clocking in at almost 950 thousand followers on Instagram. To put it lightly, their makeup know-how and expertise is trusted and loved wildly. Which is what makes this new cruelty-free Pür Cosmetics collab so exciting.

The collection comes with two different products: eye polish designed by Merino and a lip collection created by Jade Marie.

"Pür's Eye Polish is an intensely pigmented liquid formula that dries down completely, resulting in a bold, crease-resistant eye look," PopSugar reported. It comes in five different shades: A gunmetal gray, a golden yellow, a bronze orange, a shimmery pink, and a purplish black. According to Pür Cosmetics' site, the liquid formula is layerable, where you can "sweep eye shadow on top or underneath to add dimension."

Royalty Eye & Lip Collections, $79,

As for Jade Marie's lip kit, four different colors will be available to pick from. "The quartet includes two finishes — matte and glossy — and boast a delectable piña-colada-like scent," PopSugar shared.

Royalty 4-Piece Luxe Lip Collection, $42,

You can choose from a glamorous berry shade, a dark brown '90s color, a light every-day pink, or a soft nude. The two sets will launch on Pür Cosmetics Nov 28 (so no Black Friday deals!) and you can either shop them separately or buy them bundled in sets.

According to Pür Cosmetics's site, the liquid eye shadow will retail for 42 dollars (but is a 93 dollar value,) and the luxe lip collection also retails for 42 dollars (but is an 80 dollar value.) However, you can combine the two sets together and get it for a discounted price of 79 dollars.

Savings aside, these looks will be the perfect trends to rock this upcoming holiday season. Keep an eye on the calendar and make them yours come Nov. 28.

Images: Pur Cosmetics (2)