Kris Jenner Gets Into A Scary Car Crash On 'KUWTK'

For a lot of us, moms are superheroes, and when it comes to Kris Jenner, I'm convinced she's pretty much invincible. So when something bad happens to her, it totally throws me off guard, and as it turns out, her kids feel the same way. On Sunday night's Keeping Up With The Kardashians finale, Kris gets into a massive car accident, and the way her family stepped up to help her out in her time of need was the greatest reminder of why the Kardashians have got to be my favorite reality stars on the planet.

Back in April, reports surfaced that Kris had been involved in a wreck in Calabasas, and at the time, police confirmed to Us Weekly that her white Rolls Royce collided with another car that cut in front of her. And now, KUWTK is giving us a look into what was going on behind the scenes when that happened. Basically the second Khloé and Kim got the call, they rushed to meet her, and the rest of the family wasn't far behind. Kris' poor car was pretty badly smashed up, and after seeing the scene, After they left, the fam gathered back at Kris' house. The car is likely totaled, but Kris is OK, and that's what really matters — after all, like Khloé said, "We can buy you a new car, we can't buy a new mommy."

But it wasn't just how quickly her kids responded that proves this family is always there for each other. For me, it was definitely more about how Kim took over all of Kris' momager duties so that she could rest and recover from her accident. Immediately, she started booking appointments for her sisters and even worked on bringing Khloé's fitness project to life. Of course, she ran into a few hiccups — like missing one of Khloé's appointments — but can we please give her a break?! It's not easy managing all these careers at once!

I'm glad that Kris is OK, and it's awesome to see that she always has her kids by her side when things go wrong. Can I please join this family?! It's not too late to Photoshop me into the Christmas card!