Ditch Your 9 to 5 Style With These 36 Weekend Hairstyles

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Don’t worry if you’ve worn your hair one way the entire week. It’s the weekend and now you've got the time to change it up a little. We’ve selected the chicest, carefree hairstyles from our Pinterest page that will make the extra time spend worth it. You can update your hair with a change in design, volume and texture. Recreate messy braids, ponytails and beach waves so you can relax from hair to toe.

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Story Author: Shanie Chaplin


A textured blowout has a bedhead vibe.

Braided Updos

A braided updo will step up your brunch game.

Voluminous Blowout

The weekend’s a perfect time to rock a glamorous blowout that’s too hot to be wasted in the office.

Playful Accessories

Let your personality shine by using a variety of accessories.

Beachy Waves

Make any weekend a vacation with this surf style.

Half-Up Styles

Half-up styles give limitless options.


The deceptively simple topknot adds a dose of glamour.

Short Hair

Pixie cuts get an extra tousle on days off.

Textured Topknot

Add a bit of rebellious charm to your average bun.

High Ponytails

Second-day hair has never looked more chic.

Topknot With Bangs

A little mod, a lot flirty.

Low Ponytails

High updos shouldn’t have all the fun. Hair gathered at the nape of the neck is equally elegant and refreshing.

Textured Hair With Bangs

Simple in the sexiest way.

Twisted Hair

A simple twist can make all the difference.