Donate To Foster Campbell's Senate Campaign

You're surely aware of the results of the 2016 election. Donald Trump took the presidency, the House remains largely in Republican hands, and the Dems only picked up two seats in the Senate. I know it all sounds rough, but just wait because the story isn't finished yet. There's one more election in Louisiana that could reduce the GOP's hold on the Senate by one — and you can help make it happen. Donate to the Foster Campbell campaign to add one more Democrat to the Senate and show Trump not everyone supports his hateful policy proposals.

It's easy to donate. You can just go to the Campbell campaign website and click on the link to the donation page. You choose the amount, put in your credit card information, and voilà, you've helped try to end the year on a slightly better note. We need all the opposition to Trump we can get — so be generous. Right now polls show Republican state treasurer John Kennedy leading by a large margin, with about 48 percent of the state's voters firmly behind his run. Only 27 percent are with Campbell, a former seven-term state senator that now serves on the Louisiana Public Service Commission.

This might seem confusing — after all, the rest of the country's U.S. senators were of course elected on Nov. 8, just like Donald Trump was. But Louisiana has a different system. According to Ballotpedia, the state works under an open primary system in which more than one person from a political party — in this case more than 20 people — are all on the general election ballot. Then the top two move onto the runoff, which this year is held Dec. 10. Campbell came in second to Kennedy in the general election vote, 25 percent to 17.5 percent respectively.

The goal now is to get people on the Campbell bandwagon. Before getting into politics, he was a teacher, and he now owns two insurance agencies. He's had at least one interesting highlight from his campaigning: At one of the debates leading up to the first vote, he denied alleged ties to the KKK's David Duke by saying, "I have nothing in common with David Duke other than we're probably breathing." On top of that his opponent is not stellar. Kennedy has already lost two attempts at the Senate seat.

With Kennedy ahead by so much at the polls, this may seem like a lost cause. But it is in fact possible with a lot of money and organization. So consider chipping in, because it would be nice to show Trump that not every American agrees with his policy proposals, just as the ongoing protests have.