Watch Grooms Try To Describe Their Brides' Dresses

Picking out a wedding dress is probably the biggest part of a wedding... for the bride. They may painstakingly pick out the color or the fit — some even design the whole wedding around the dress. Apparently, the grooms aren't so fussed. A video by Cosmopolitan shows men trying to describe their wives' wedding dresses and I can't say it goes very well. And this isn't some horrible memory test, these are newlyweds — most of them have only been married three weeks and some of them can't even get the damn color right. It's a wedding dress, how many options are there usually?

But before we're too hard on them, it sort of makes sense. While the bride and her friends or family might spend hours picking out a dress and dissecting every detail, you have to remember that most grooms don't see the dress except for on the day, and that day is probably the most hectic day of their lives. So you can forgive them for missing some of the finer points. That being said, a lot of the guys don't even get the less-fine points, but it's certainly fun to watch.

You can check out the whole video and honestly it's worth it just to watch a wife stare down her husband as he can't remember the word veil:

Nailing It

Please look at how unhappy she looks as he lays out this brilliant explanation: "And then it had this, um, uh, I guess you call it a veil?"


That is the face of sheer panic.

Color Whiz

"It was white." (It was ivory, turns out). But come on, white's a pretty solid guess for a wedding dress.

Brevity Is Key

If all you can come up with is "Very simple... uh," probably best to leave it there.

It's All About The Details

He's sure that: "There were seams here." He seems sure of very little else.

Dropping The Technical Terminology

Apparently her dress was covered in "glass or plastic, something that reflects light", says the only man in the world who has never heard of sequins.

But They Look Pretty Damn Happy

Who cares if they can't describe it? Look how happy they all look.

She's literally leaping in for that kiss.

And they are straight up just checking each other out. Damn.

And My Favorite

This is my favorite photo. That look is a man just so happy and proud that he can identify buttons. You will never be that happy about anything.

Images: Cosmopolitan