'Swing Time' Is Getting Its Own TV Show

We've only just laid our hands on the much-anticipated Swing Time by Zadie Smith, and the news has already broken that a Swing Time TV show is on the way. The beloved author will be adapting the show herself, which is fantastic news for those of us book-lovers who always worry about films or TV shows living up to the magic of the original. And this is promising, too: the show is being produced by Steve Coogan's company Baby Cow — the company which produced the brilliant (and Oscar-nominated) Philomena .

Smith herself sounds as excited about the news as we are, telling Variety "I am absolutely delighted at the prospect of working with Baby Cow on an adaptation of Swing Time. Their extraordinary track record in both drama and comedy I have always admired from afar and it's a thrill for me to get the chance to collaborate with Steve Coogan and Christine Langan." The chance to see Zadie Smith's latest novel as a TV show seems almost too good to be true, especially considering how eagerly we've been waiting for the book itself.

Swing Time follows two best friends growing up in London, both with the dream of becoming dancers — but only one of them has the talent. The story travels time and continent, exploring the ever-growing relationship of these two girls, their different opportunities, and their shared experience of otherness. Watching that play out over multiple episodes of the Swing Time TV series is going to be far too good to miss.

Image: the.blonde.bookworm/Instagram