What Do Kanye's Mysterious Instagrams Mean?

Starting yesterday afternoon, Yeezus started doing something a little weird. Weirder than usual, even, especially with all the drama surrounding his newly-announced support of Trump, his canceled tour, and his harsh words on Beyonce and Jay-Z. So, what do Kanye West's new Instagrams mean?

Almost out of nowhere, West quickly took to flooding his relatively new Instagram account with blurry fashion photo after blurry fashion photo. Altogether, he posted precisely 99 photos over the course of two hours, and according to Uproxx, they all appear to be sourced from vintage Maison Margiela lookbooks. The photos include everything from snakeskin platform sandals, to grainy shots of models with their eyes crossed out with a black line. In a few of the images, what I'm assuming are West's fingers are visible, as if he's holding it up to take a picture of it.

People threw out a few possible explanations for West's baffling posting spree — as they noted, it could be signs of a new art collaboration with director Eli Russell Linnetz (who, as I'm writing this, I'm realizing I sat two seats away from in Honors Pre-Calc/Calc A in high school), or even a cryptic way of announcing a fashion line with Maison Margiela.

No matter what they mean, the posts have created quite the stir, each image garnering tens of thousands of likes, and everywhere from hundreds to thousands of comments. Perhaps this is the true method to his madness — to make social media headlines by continuing to subvert our expectations.

The 99 Margiela images now join West's one other lone post on Instagram — a screengrab from Total Recall first posted nine weeks ago.

What do you think it all means? Is it a cryptic message? A strange kind of Instagram tantrum, to match his other recent tantrums? Art? Knowing Kanye, we may never get a concrete answer on this one.