The Ultimate Antidote To Your Joe Bide Nostalgia

While it may feel at times like world is crumbling down around us, there is a ray of light in these confusing times, and that ray of light is Joe Biden. Though the inauguration is still around two months away, people are already feeling reminiscent about Vice President Biden's tenure. With his signature aviators and his casual demeanor, Biden has stolen our hearts with his playful antics over the last eight years.

Though it doesn't get as much attention as his role as Uncle-in-Chief, he has had a long and storied career in the Senate. Biden served as Delaware senator for 36 years before becoming vice president. He was elected just before his 30th birthday; however, shortly after he assumed his Senate position, his wife and 1-year-old daughter were tragically killed in a car crash. He was passionate about passing crime bills, and served most notably on the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. While mulling his own run for president in 2015, tragedy struck again when his son Beau died of brain cancer. Biden has said that he will dedicate himself to cancer research after he leaves the White House, and last month he made comments that he may become Professor Biden and teach at a university. As we mourn the his retirement from politics, here are some pictures of Joe Biden you need in your life right now.

Ice Cream, You Scream

Biden has a well-documented love of ice cream. And we love how much he loves ice cream. Is there anything better than watching a man in a suit double-fisting ice cream cones?

Welcome to The Danger Zone

If there's anything that Biden loves more than ice cream, it might be his signature aviator sunglasses. In an interview with The Skimm last month, Biden said he gets multiple pairs of aviators each year, because people steal them as souvenirs.

Oh Hey, Young Biden

As seems to be the theme this election cycle, people were very excited when photos of young Biden began circulating on the internet. And we can see why.

Let Me Tell You 'Bout My Best Friend

President Obama and Biden's friendship is unlike any other president and veep. They say they are genuine friends, and the photos they've amassed over the past eight years tell the same story. And the outpouring of memes in the last week, that imagine Biden booby trapping the White House and pranking Donald Trump, are the perfect send-off for the duo.

Whatever his next move, America will never have another vice president quite like Joe Biden. At least memes are forever.