Stassi & Brittany Have A Heart-To-Heart On ‘Vanderpump Rules’ & It Is A Lovely SURprise

I don’t know if I am feeling especially mushy because it’s the holiday season or what, but my heart was warmed by that Stassi and Brittany scene from Monday’s episode of Vanderpump Rules. (Don't look at me like that.) I love a gnarly reality TV drama fest and all (I am forever a goblin), but it is nice to see co-stars support one another when they are down in the dumps every now and again. Also? If you told me back in 2013 that Stassi would one day befriend Jax's future girlfriend, I would ask you if Stassi would one day hate goat cheese balls and white wine, too. But here we are: It's 2016 and Brittany and Stassi are friends. Real friends. And it is lovely.

There was a moment during Katie and Tom Schwartz's housewarming party when almost-single Stassi stood alone among her coupled up friends and thought about her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Patrick. Brittany spotted Stassi by herself at the get-together and immediately sensed she was upset. So, she walked over to Stassi, asked how she was doing, and offered up a listening ear. And Brittany, genuinely sweet person that she is, immediately provided Stassi with a shoulder to cry on.

As Stassi vented to her ex-boyfriend's present day girlfriend about her current relationship troubles, she seemed caught off guard by this impromptu heart-to-heart; though she and Brittany are chummy, they aren’t as close as, say, Stassi and Kristen. But during that heart-to-heart, a bond was formed.

And just when I thought I couldn’t adore Brittany more, she gave Stassi a hug, told to call her whenever, and then offered her some of her vodka soda.

Brittany is the hero of the episode.

Images: Charles Sykes/Bravo; Bravo