Can You Buy Kylie Jenner's Photo T-Shirt At The Kylie Shop? Her Store Will Carry Merch — PHOTO

Branded merch is hotter than ever, with fans of artists and companies excited to wear shirts, hats, hoodies, and more, featuring the logos and likeness of their beloved stars. We're all curious about what sort of merch the official Kylie Jenner Shop will sell, since we're only treated to Instagram teases that could mean anything. Kylie Jenner wore an oversized, black t-shirt featuring herself as a blonde as the graphic. Since she is her generation's rock star, it's a total covetable item and it looks like your typical boxy and slightly too big concert shirt from the '90s. It's on trend, since baggy is a thing this season and since the '90s remain as "in" as ever. You needn't look any further than Rihanna's Puma Fenty Collection for evidence of this fact. So, where can you get the Kylie Jenner tee?

Well, we don't know exactly where to buy it yet. It could be custom. But there is a very good chance it will be sold through her Kylie Jenner Shop. Not only did the teen makeup mogul post the pic on her personal Insta feed. But the same pic was posted twice on the Kylie Jenner Shop Insta. That's a pretty good indicator that the Kylie Shop will sell this Kylie rock star shirt.

Observe the top.

There's no indication of the price at this time, either. And if you don't like a boxy cut shirt but love the graphic, you can grab a pair of fabric scissors and hack off the collar and seams, making it a loose-fit, off-the-shoulder, and draped top.

There's also Kylie-branded undies being teased on the Insta feed.

I guess we'll have to wait until Dec. 9 to see if we can get our hands on the Kylie-as-blonde-bombshell tee. I am of the mindset that it'll be a reality then.

Image: Kylie Jenner Shop/Instagram (2)