You Can Still Get ColourPop Free Metallic Lippies

With the holiday season upon us, that means we'll all likely be spending buckets of money on presents for others and perhaps even gifting ourselves. So when you get a perk like free shipping or a freebie with purchase, it's cause for celebration. ColourPop is offering free metallic lipsticks to customers for a limited time. But wait... it's better than you think. You don't spend some cash on ColourPop's affordable, on-trend, and quality offerings and simply get a free lipstick. The more you spend, the more free metallic lippies you get. Yes, really! And with ColourPop, you don't break the bank. When does ColourPop's Free Ultra Metallic Lip promotion end and how does it work?

This is the sitch. The ColourPop Ulta Metallic Lippie Promotion ends on Tuesday, Nov. 22 at 11 p.m. PT, which is 2 a.m. ET on Wednesday, Nov 23.

It works via an increasing scale. Spend $20? Get a free Ultra Metallic Lippie. Spend $30? Get two free UMLs. Spend $40? Get three free UMLs. See the pattern? Spend $60, which is easy to do a ColourPop, and you get five (!!!) free Ultra Metallic Lippies. Since most ColourPop products average around $6 a (colour) pop, you can stock up, replenish your stash, and end up with a serious haul. You could pay for 10 products and end up with five freebies. That's called "cleaning up!"

You can completely restock your makeup bag with tons of new stuff and be rewarded by totally revamping your lip wardrobe.

There are lots of metallic lippies in the ColourPop store. Go ahead and shop your face off. You can even gift your extra lippies to your friends. It is the season of giving, you know! Since ColourPop products are so affordable, you got this. You headed over to the CP site to shop? OK, bye.

Images: ColourPop/Instagram (1); Courtesy of ColourPop (2)