How To Call Your Rep About Foster Campbell

Democrats may have found their post-election savior in the form of public service commissioner and Senate hopeful Foster Campbell, a rough-and-tumble Louisiana politician who would offer the greatest block to a bulldozing President Donald Trump. Should Foster win the seat in the Dec. 10 runoff election against Republican State Treasurer John Kennedy, Democrats could take back a much-needed fraction of power from the Republicans. Liberals ought to do everything they can to ensure a victory for the Louisiana politician, so get calling your representative on behalf of Campbell. He'll need everyone in his corner to win.

If this election has bitterly taught me anything, it's that upsets are possible. And an upset in the Senate is just what Democrats need to offer a glimmer of hope in an otherwise-abysmal 2016. Despite hailing from conservative Louisiana in the year Trump swept the presidency, electing Campbell is entirely possible.

The Hill points to the state's own race for governor as a prime example of that possibility. Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards beat out his predecessor, Republican Bobby Jindal — a failed presidential candidate, and by most stretches of the imagination a failed governor. Scandal and Edwards' own charisma pushed the Democrat to victory, and many are hoping for the same with Campbell and the Senate seat.

And really, the proof of this race's significance is in the numbers: A Campbell win would translate to a 51-49 split between Republicans and the rest.

Having a plan of action to elect Campbell includes ensuring that other representatives throw their support behind his candidacy. And calling your representative on his behalf doesn't have to be this big, intimidating thing, either.

Find out who represents you, create a short pitch on the importance of electing Campbell, and give your representative a call. Remember that you likely won't spend more than a minute actually on the phone with a person, so there isn't a reason to be too nervous. On the flip side, that's always why it's important to know in advance just what you want to say.

Showing your interest in Campbell — particularly if you're from Louisiana — can speak volumes to those who have the power to directly bolster his candidacy. And after the 2016 election, it's worth making a phone call if it means helping block some of Trump's most heinous proposals.