The Kylie Creme Shadows Need To Become Permanent

Creme (or cream) eyeshadows can inspire quite the love-hate feeling. They are shimmering, dewy, and multi-dimensional. But they sometimes lack staying powering, migrate, or smear, especially if you top them with liquid liner. The Kylie Cosmetics Creme Shadows in the 2016 Holiday Edition Collection are jeweled metallics. There's Camo, which is a deep, forest green. There's Golden Plum, which is mauve with gold glitter. And there's Yellow Gold, which is 24k and pops with yellow undertones! The brand has touted the cremes as being as long-wearing as they are beautiful. Kylie Cosmetics has only offered creme shadows one other time in the form of Rose Gold and Copper, which were part of the gold-wrapped 2016 Birthday Edition Collection. The creme shadows were not integrated into the permanent repertoire of products with the standard black packaging; therefore, they were truly limited edition.

What about the new Kylie Creme Shadows for holiday? Are they limited edition or a permanent addition?

Well, the brand has just started describing the Holiday Edition Collection as "limited edition." So there's that. However, Jenner did eventually add the Bday Leo Lip Kit to the permanent collection of colors. That means there's a chance that the Creme Shadows (or any holiday items) could be incorporated into the brand's offerings. But right now, it's wishful thinking and all TBD.

Check out that shimmer and sheen! The color payoff looks pretty gorge, too.

Peep Camo on Kylie's peepers.

You can truly appreciate the product texture and hue when painted on hands in this golden goddess promo shot. While this is not a practical application of the Kylie Creme Shadows, the pic gets the job done.

The originals! They only came around once, so that worries me about the potential future of the holiday hues. The holiday trio is an encore of sorts. But will they be sticking around? Will they come back after the holidays for random one-offs? Let's keep hoping so.

The ladies at Moda Mob dug the Bday Edition Cremes, due to the ease of application and the formula. They even said they were "in love" with it. Vlogger Tati gave the Bday Cremes A and A+ ratings, as well, saying that once they set, they wear all day long.

Given the passion fans have for the Creme Shadows, perhaps Jenner ought to think about bringing them back for good instead of only for special occasions. They deserve the upgrade from ltd. edish to permanent addish.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (4)