9 Transgender Vloggers You Should Follow ASAP

A quick YouTube search for "transgender beauty" mostly brings up videos with unfortunate titles like "Top 10 Most Beautiful Transgender" — but don't let the peculiar (not to mention grammatically incorrect) results deter you. What YouTube's search results aren't showing you are the incredible trans beauty vloggers you should be watching — at least not right away. A little digging is all it takes to

Trans people are slowly being given more space in professional fashion and beauty spheres, but on YouTube, dozens of vloggers are already enthralling viewers. Not only do these top-notch vloggers share their best beauty tips — like perfecting cat eyeliner 101, which many of us sorely, sorely need. They also share their stories of overcoming hurdles many trans people face, such as dealing with unaccepting or even abusive family members, being misgendered, and navigating the path to hormones and/or gender affirmation surgeries.

I've put together a list of my favorite trans beauty vloggers, people who speak to the unique experience of being trans and loving the hell out of beauty. Watching these incredible people do their thing is guaranteed to better your beauty routine and broaden your understanding what it means to exist in the beauty vlogging sphere as a trans person.

1. Julie Vu

Julie Vu is a Canadian woman whose videos range from roundups of her beauty favorites to sex toy unboxings to frank discussions of her family life, medical transition, and traveling while trans. Her practical (and hilarious) advice vids are my go-tos for learning new beauty tricks.

2. Raiden Quinn

Raiden Quinn is basically a unicorn: A plus-size trans vlogger! As a plus-size trans person, I was ecstatic to find Quinn's channel, and even more ecstatic when I realized she regularly posts videos sharing her new clothes and where she got them, as well as budget makeup hauls and tutorials.

3. Stef Sanjati

Stef Sanjati is the vlogger I watch when I'm having a down day. Sanjati's funny, warm way of approaching her various subjects—her hormone replacement therapy, her love of video games, and of course her beauty tips—make her my vlogger equivalent of rainy day comfort food.

4. Kat Blaque

Kat Blaque has no shortage of skills. She's a children's author, vlogger, activist, and all-around excellent human being who regularly addresses fat-shaming and appropriation, while producing rad makeup rec videos like the one above.

5. Caroland

Caroland's channel has catalogued her experience with medical transitioning, including not often addressed details like changes in her sex life, dilating, and the possibility of future biological children. Her embracing discussions about her body epitomize "beauty" for me—and so do her on-point lookbook videos.

6. Rica Salomon

Rica Salomon put out one of my all-time favorite videos a couple of weeks ago: "Sh*t Guys Say To Transgender Girls," a blisteringly epic critique of common "oh my god, why would you even let that come out your mouth" things cisgender dudes say. And when Rica's not busy shredding transphobia, she's posting try-on hauls and makeup challenges.

7. Casey Blake

Casey Blake melds beauty with horror. Well, not all the time, but one of my favorite Blake vids is the above, an easy (so easy someone with zero makeup skills like me can do it) Halloween makeup tutorial. Blake vlogs about her life, being on hormones, and about the various questions she gets as a trans woman.

8. Gigi Gorgeous

Gigi Gorgeous is perhaps the most well-known trans beauty vlogger. She was the first trans vlogger I came across—the one who made me think maybe there were other trans folks on YouTube, hidden away somewhere deep in the site's algorithms. Gorgeous uses her channel to discuss her favorite fashion and beauty products, chronicle her travels, and win at Snapchat Truth or Dare.

9. Maya

Maya is 21, and a retroactive inspiration to 21-year-old me. Out and proud and confident, she tackles tough questions like, "What if I want to detransition?" while embracing her unique style and showing folks how to enhance feminine traits with makeup.

Whether you're looking to buff up your hair extension skills or learn what going on HRT is like, these vloggers have something for you — including a look at the diverse opinions and everyday lives of trans folks.