Here's What Gemstones In Your Skincare Actually Do

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It can be kind of difficult to keep up with all of the beauty-ingredient trends whether it's what you should or should not have in your products. And if you've been noticing that more and more products seem to be infused with gold, diamonds, or other gemstones, you may be wondering what gemstones in your skincare actually do. After all, when it's something you would normally wear on your fingers or around your neck, it may seem a little odd to also slather it all over your face. So to find out a little bit more about what these precious ingredients can actually do for your skin, I emailed with a couple of experts.

Arielle Fried, Marketing Manager at Kristals, and Jordana Mattioli, NYC-based esthetician, both let me in on how gems in your beauty products could benefit your skin, along with the more specific benefits of using various types of gems. Generally speaking, most gemstone ingredients have light-reflective properties that will leave the skin with a natural-looking radiance, says Mattioli. However, because there is not yet science-backed evidence to prove the effects of gemstones, Mattioli also suggests choosing skincare with other proven active ingredients to target your specific concerns. She adds though, that gemstones "appear to be harmless, so if you like the way your skin looks using a gemstone-infused product, then stick with it." Interested in adding diamonds or maybe rubies to your skincare routine? Here are 12 gems, minerals, and metals to try:


Try: Kristals Cosmetics Amber Multi-Vitamin C Hydration Cream, $330, Kristals

According to Fried, amber in skincare "helps skin regain a youthful glow, minimizes the appearance of pores, reduces fine lines, and evens skin tone." Because of these brightening and purifying effects, she explains that amber works well paired with Vitamin C because the latter has similar effects on the skin.


Try: Therapie Roques O'Neil Himalayan Detox Salts, $66, Shen Beauty

For those who need extra moisture, Fried suggests looking for amethyst in products as it provides oxygen to the skin, gently exfoliates, and deeply nourishes the skin.


Try: Kristals Cosmetics Aquamarine Post Shave Relief, $130, Kristals

Perfect for shaving-related products or sensitive skin, aquamarine helps to soothe irritated skin while refreshing and toning, says Fried.


Try: Kristals Cosmetics Aventurine Collagen Booster Serum, $380, Kristals

Sensitive or troubled skin may find aventurine beneficial in their skincare. According to Fried, this gem "helps boost collagen for plumper skin, controls inflammation and acne, [and] defends against the effects of sun exposure and contaminants."


Try: Lancer Eye Contour Lifting Cream with Diamond Powder, $95, Sephora

Because diamonds are the hardest of gems, Mattioli suggests looking for diamond powder as an ingredient in exfoliators. Fried adds that diamonds also help moisturize and protect collagen, reduce the appearance of sun damage, and even prep the skin to be more receptive to products used afterward.


Try: Chantecaille Gold Energizing Eye Recovery Mask, $195, Nordstrom

Although not a gemstone, gold is also beneficial in skincare due to its nourishing and anti-aging properties. According to Fried, it can increase skin's elasticity and flexibility and also reduce wrinkles.


Try: SEPHORA COLLECTION Pearl Face Mask, $6, Sephora

Perfect for those with oilier skin, pearl helps control sebum production while retaining moisture, says Fried. She adds that it also helps "maintain skin elasticity and flexibility, and works well with antioxidants to fight free radicals for anti-aging effects."

Rock Crystal

Try: Kristals Cosmetics Rock Crystal Instant Skin Polisher, $190, Kristals

Rock crystal is popular as a general skincare gemstone, says Fried, because it "cleanses and protects the skin, moisturizes, and promotes overall skin health."

Rose Quartz

Try: Gemstone Organic Organic Rose Quartz Face Creme, $37, Gemstone Organic

For those who have some unwanted texture, rose quartz can help soften and smooth the skin, reduce wrinkles, and even skin-tone for a natural glow, explains Fried.


Try: Dr. Brandt Skincare Glow by Dr. Brandt Ruby Crystal Retinol Hydracreme, $65, Sephora

For a more youthful glow, ruby can help strengthen and nourish the skin while promoting overall skin health, says Fried.


Try: Själ Saphir Concentrate, $175, Sj ä l Skincare

Sensitive or mature skin will benefit from sapphire, as this gem helps calm irritated skin and avoid irritation outbreaks while also helping to diminish and erase fine lines and wrinkles, Fried explains.


Try: Aveda Tourmaline Charged Exfoliating Cleanser, $29, Aveda

According to Mattioli, "tourmaline crystals heat up as they are rubbed into the skin," and this warming can not only aid the absorption of other ingredients, but it can also help with production of new collagen, contraction of fibers, and circulation stimulation.

Because pretty gems aren't just for looking at.

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