Trump Blasts Media For Showing His Double Chins

In an effort to "reset" his relationship with the media, Donald Trump invited professionals from top television networks to Trump Tower on Monday, but it seems that meeting may have just produced more of the same. And for Trump, more of the same simply means lambasting the media for failing to publish "flattering" photos of the president-elect. So though the meeting was intended to serve as a jumping off point to rebuild Trump's contentious relationship with the press, Trump reportedly centered the first order of business around one chief complaint: the media keeps using photos that show Trump's multiple chins.

Of course, one of the underlying issues with this meeting is the idea that Trump clearly believes the press is there to cater to his sense of vanity. In this way, it seems that Trump's understanding of the press — much like his apparent understanding of the presidency — is pretty superficial. Of all the things he could potentially complain about, he chose to lament how he's physically represented by the media.

But it makes sense that Trump would fixate on this aspect of the press. Throughout the election, voters saw just how strongly the media chipped away at Trump's fragile ego, and have likewise witness how building his cabinet has played out like a reality television show, where appearances are just about everything.

According to a report of the meeting from NPR, Trump took turns bashing each network that was in attendance. But it was NBC that was the most repeat offender with the double chins — Trump reportedly called NBC the worst, saying it couldn't even be bothered to broadcast a flattering photo on their network. NPR notes that NBC's Deborah Turness replied that the network was indeed using a flattering photo of the president-elect. (If such a thing actually exists.)

For the remainder of the meeting, Trump reportedly fielded questions on his policies, controversial White House staff appointments, and intentions, saying he wanted a "cordial and productive" relationship with the press. But at least one network official told NPR that they felt the meeting did not offer that "reset" Trump was apparently hoping for.

Hopefully, Trump will never get that "reset" with the media he hopes for. It's the media's duty not to give it to him, as is the duty to keep running photos of his double chins.