7 Rachel Antonoff 'Gilmore Girls' Shirt Alternatives If You Weren't Able To Snag One Of The Incredible Tees

Confession: I am eleven years behind on the whole Gilmore Girls thing. I know, not something I should publicly admit (trust me! I'm embarrassed) but for the sake of my journalistic integrity I feel like you guys should know. But last month, after seeing all of the hype about Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, I decided to settle in one cozy Saturday afternoon with Netflix and some takeout (the attached girl's version of "Netflix and chill") and see what the big deal was with this show from the early 2000s.

And, holy moly, you guys — I can't believe it's taken me this long to get on board. It's the best show in the history of shows, and I owe angsty, 16-year-old me a major apology for not realizing what I (she?) was missing until adulthood.

With the new season launching on Friday, Nov. 25 (do you think I can finish the last four seasons between now and Friday?) everyone, myself included, wants to show their Rorelai love with some Gilmore Girl's merch. For this reason, it was no surprise that Rachel Antonoff's "I'm With Rory" and "I'm With Lorelai" shirts sold out crazy fast (though you will apparently be able to pre-order from the next restock on Tuesday afternoon).

Thankfully, there are plenty of GG goods on the internet to go around. If you can't wait until the restock, here are seven pieces of Gilmore Girls merch that you can have in your hands by the time Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life airs on Netflix on Nov. 25.

1. Gilmore Girls Sweatshirt

Gilmore Girls Sweater "I'd Rather Be Watching Gilmore Girls" Oversized Sweatshirt - Lorelai Gilmore Rory TV Show Stars Hollow Shirt, $17.99, Etsy.com

The perfect response for when your mom asks if you can please help set the Thanksgiving table.

2. Honorary Gilmore Girl Tee

Raglan Tee - Honorary Gilmore Girl, $25, Etsy.com

Because who of us hasn't dreamed of being in Lorelai and Rory's #squad?

3. Gilmore Girls Character Shirt

Gilmore Girls Characters, $30.73, Redbubble.com

This about sums it up.

4. I Drink Coffee Like A Gilmore Shirt

Women's "I Drink Coffee Like a Gilmore" Tee - Gilmore Girls T-Shirt, $25, Etsy.com

They set a really low standard for what constitutes normal caffeine consumption, and I personally really appreciate it.

5. Luke's Diner Sweatshirt

Luke's Diner Sweatshirt, $29.99, Etsy.com

If only you'd had one of these to wear to the Luke's Diner pop-up.

6. Best Qualities Shirt

Gilmore Girls Best Qualities, $24.61, RedBubble.com

Gilmore Girls was so full of strong women to aspire to be.

7. I'm Her Lorelai/Rory Shirt

Gilmore Girls Shirt Set of 2- I'm Her Lorelai - I'm Her Rory- Mother Daughter Gilmore Shirt Set- Mother's Day Gift- Gilmore Girls Shirt Set, $50, Etsy.com

The perfect Christmas gift for your mom. You're welcome.

Images: Courtesy of brands