Justin Bieber Punches A Fan In The Face After The Man Sticks His Arm Inside The Singer's Car — VIDEO

Just in time to give you some holiday cheer, Justin Bieber punched a fan in the face while in Barcelona on Tuesday night. As the TMZ video depicts, the Biebs was being driven through the streets of the Spanish city — windows rolled down and waving at the mob of fans surrounding his car — when one male fan spends a little too much time reaching his hand inside the window of the car and out comes Bieber's arm with a fist straight to the guy's face. After the Bieber's car drives away, you can see that the guy has a bloody upper lip. Bustle has reached out to Bieber's rep for comment, but did not receive a response at the time of publication.

The altercation happens so quickly and it's impossible to see what was going on inside the car. Did Bieber feel threatened? Was the fan grabbing him too forcefully? Was the singer just protecting himself? The swift retaliation from the Biebs is definitely surprising to see, particularly because before the guy reached his hand in the car, the situation seemed like just an everyday encounter for Bieber. And for fans mobbing the car, excited to see their fave, the scene did seem relatively calm — at first. Still, it's clear enough that the guy grabbing at him changed the tone and set Bieber off in a way that made him feel the need to physically lash out at the guy.

After the altercation, the fan is shown wiping the blood from his mouth and appearing stunned at what just occurred. After the initial shock wore off, he immediately started yelling into the camera about what just went down.