How To Wear Fishnets Like A Kardashian

For anyone who thought they would never wear their Halloween fishnets ever again (even though they did help you up your game as a sexy ice cream cone and/or give you some badass mermaid makeup), the Kardashians have figured out a way to integrate the seemingly costume-y fashion piece into your daily wardrobe. So how can you wear fishnets with jeans like a Kardashian?

I'll admit — the first time I saw Kim K Instagram a photo of herself with fishnet stockings on under her jeans, I didn't think much of it (side note: I miss you so much Kimmie, please come back to social media). But when Kylie and Kendall did the same thing only a few weeks later, the "ohmigod this is a trend" light went off in my brain.

While it's not quite the "wear your tights under your jeans for an added layer of warmth" situation that 5- to 13-year-old me swore by, it does help add an extra-dimension to your outfit at a time of year when street style can start to feel a little, well, boring (aka all black errythang all the time). Here are three, KarJenner-approved ways to wear fishnets under your jeans. It won't keep you feeling warm, but it will keep you looking cool.

1. Kylie

Here's to, like, realizing fishnets are actually a legit outfit addition. To get Kylie's The Kylie Shop-inspired look, roll a pair of boyfriend jeans down at the top and up at the bottom over a pair of black tight-knit fishnets and throw on a statement tee.

Sporty Fishnet Tights, $12, Topshop

Now just grab yourself a lip kit and a couple of Italian Greyhounds you basically are Kylie Jenner.

2. Kendall

Fishnets may not be the warmest winter sock alternative, but they do make a beat-up pair of sneakers look oddly fancy. Roll up a pair of unfinished hemmed jeans to look like Kendall J.

ASOS Oversized Fishnet Ankle Socks, $5, ASOS

Sorry in advance for the sweaty, smelly feet when you take them off.

3. Kim

This is certainly an upgrade from the time when Kim tried to make fishnets under sweatpants a thing. Wear fishnets under a pair of high-waisted, button up jeans, but only button one button and roll the top down. Pair with a cropped sweater that lets you show off a bit of the fishnet on your stomach.

ASOS Oversized Fishnet Tights, $10, ASOS

Who needs underwear when you have fishnets?

Images: thekylieshop/Instagram