These Videos Of Prince Harry Releasing Sea Turtles Are Truly Something To Be Thankful For

If you're sitting around the Thanksgiving table on Thursday and your family just needs to know what you're thankful for, you tell them you are thankful for the videos of Prince Harry releasing sea turtles shared by Kensington Palace on Twitter Wednesday. Obviously, they will then ask to watch them, which you will proudly show off on your phone. All joking aside, Harry did take the time to release turtles into the wild at Lovers Beach in Nevis as part of his visit to Saint Kitts located in the Caribbean.

As explained on Kensington Palace's Instagram, "The Nevis Turtle Group conservation initiative is dedicated to developing a Sea Turtle Conservation Programme in Nevis, and involve the local community to ensure that sea turtles are protected for years to come." He is the best prince ever, isn't he? He just can't help but continue doing good for others, especially animals. Remember that time he went to South Africa and helped baby rhinos? Yes, it's as swoon-worthy as it sounds.

Now back to the current moment of Harry being the best human possible. In one video, you can watch Harry place the turtles, which are extremely tiny and adorable, on the sand and watch them as they enter the water.

The one bad thing about the video is that it's only five seconds long. Anyone else need more footage? Well, good thing there is this Instagram photo to stare at. Be sure to take note of Harry's smiling face. Seriously, he is so proud and happy for those turtles.

If you want more good news, then here it is. There is another video showing the royal inspecting turtle nests at the beach. Harry's dedication is apparent, too. I mean, just look at how invested he is digging through that sand.

Harry can't help but continue to be the most perfect royal ever, all while showing others the importance of respecting the environment and its creatures. How can't you be thankful for that?