Watch Donald Trump's Thanksgiving Message, But Don't Forget Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Just when you thought there would be a Thanksgiving dip in news surrounding president-elect Donald Trump and his plans to make America cringe again, he released a special holiday video. Watch the Trump Thanksgiving message and see how it times out well with the holiday but not with the spirit of his campaign or initial appointments to his future Cabinet and Trump Administration.

That's because his Thanksgiving message is all about unity and coming together. If you remember, he ran his campaign on one of division and exclusion (literally of Muslims and undocumented immigrants — walls and bans, oh my). Now he has built a team for his cabinet and future administration that is just about as bad and divisive. So why would anyone listen to him push for unity?

For the record, here is how Trump starts the short video that was posted to his Twitter:

That sound nice. It really does, but you have to wonder how he thinks that will happen when he nominates cabinet members like Steve Bannon that have been accused of being a member of the white nationalist extremists, the alt right (he denies his roles with Breitbart have been about antisemitism or racism). Then there's his new National Security Adviser, Gen. Michael Flynn, who said that Islam isn't a religion — only a political ideology masked by religion. Wednesday's pick of Nikki Haley as UN ambassador might not be too bad, except for her view that Syrian refugees shouldn't go to South Carolina. Working out humanitarian aid is a big part of the gig.

Trump of course has more to say:

Drew Angerer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

This would maybe be believable — a possible reset — if he didn't already try this one. Unity was one big part of his speech on Election Night at his hotel in Manhattan. He talked about binding wounds of division. And then he went on to pick people to join his team that would do anything but. "I pledge to every citizen of our land that I will be president for all Americans," Trump said. But his team so far doesn't seem to be a reflection of that — and almost none of them are known for their centrism. So happy Thanksgiving. And don't forget that none of this is normal.