The Ultimate 'Bachelor' Seasons To Marathon Right Now Before The Next Journey Begins

Sadly, The Bachelor doesn't return with its new man Nick Viall and new episodes until January 2017. It feels like a long wait, but you could always take a stroll down memory lane and stream old episodes of the show to tide you over and satisfy those cravings for reality, romance, and roses. There are many ultimate Bachelor seasons to marathon right now from the comfort of your TV or laptop. For some reason, neither The Bachelor nor The Bachelorette are currently available on Netflix, but previous seasons of the TV show can be streamed on other services on the internet.

There's nothing quite like reliving some of the past drama from seasons' past — especially now knowing how things turned out later on. It's one thing to experience watching a season for the first time, but it's totally different when watching it in retrospect. Some moments are totally rewatchable — remember Tierra LiCausi's "I can't control my eyebrow" speech and Andi Dorfman facing off with Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis? Thanks to the Internet (and ABC), you can watch some of these moments and their respective seasons in full.

Here are some past seasons of The Bachelor that you can totally marathon right now before the next new season begins.

Alex Michel's Season On

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Earlier this year, ABC gave Bachelor nation the gift of being able to stream the first season of the show on its website for free. Compare and contrast how the show has grown since its debut, during which Alex Michel was the first Bachelor.

Jason Mesnick's Season On Amazon & YouTube

His search for true love (before he dumps Melissa for Molly) is available for to purchase per episode or you can buy the entire season.

Jake Pavelka's Season On Amazon & YouTube

Travel again on the wings of love for this pilot's quest. Fly away and purchase this one to re-watch.

Brad Womack's Second Season On Amazon & YouTube

He returns for take two for his shot at love, after not choosing anyone during his first go-around on the show. Check it out for purchase on Amazon or YouTube.

Ben Flajnik's Season On Amazon & YouTube

Watch again as the floppy haired winemaker attempts to find the one — and even goes skinny-dipping. You can buy the season on Amazon and YouTube.

Sean Lowe's Season On Amazon & YouTube

Relive the days when Sean met Catherine during his season of The Bachelor, which is available for purchase on Amazon and YouTube.

Juan Pablo Galavis' Season On Amazon & YouTube

Re-experience the secondhand awkwardness of this crazy season, which is available on Amazon and YouTube.

Chris Soules' Season On Amazon & YouTube

Get re-acquainted with Prince Farming as he ventures away from the farm to find his future wife. Chris' season is available on for purchase per episode or the entire season.

Ben Higgins' Season On Amazon, YouTube, & ABC

Before Ben got engaged to Lauren, he gave roses to many other women on The Bachelor earlier this year. ABC still has clips from this season on its site and you can purchase the season from Amazon and YouTube.

Clips On YouTube

ABC currently has a bunch of Bachelor clips available on YouTube for free, so you can watch many classic moments whenever you feel like it.

So what are you waiting for? Get watching before the next season of The Bachelor premieres.

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