Jess Is Still A Bookworm, And This Proves It

Gilmore Girls has always been the perfect show for book-lovers. Rory was an unapologetic bookworm, and at one point, she was romanced by an equally voracious reader: bad boy Jess Mariano. So, obviously, readers were looking forward to more book recommendations from Rory and Jess in the Gilmore Girls revival. Luckily, one specific detail from the revival proves that Jess is still the book-loving boyfriend of our dreams.

Rory and Jess eventually went their separate ways, but they both remained true to their literary selves throughout the series. Years after leaving Stars Hollow, Jess shed his bad boy image and charted a new path for himself in the literary world. He relocated to Philadelphia, joined a publishing house, and wrote a novel. These days, he's doing pretty well for himself. He's still at the publishing house, and he's still doing his best to make sure Rory Gilmore achieves her potential.

Most of all, he's still a shameless bookworm, and this one detail proves it. During the "Summer" episode, Jess is shown sporting his signature accessory: a book in his back pocket. If you recall, Jess frequently stashed copies of Jack Kerouac and Kurt Vonnegut in his jeans pocket in high school. I can't make out the title of this book, but knowing Jess, I'm sure it's amazing.

Don't worry — that's not the only book he's seen reading during the revival. For every book mentioned in the four new episodes, see Bustle's Gilmore Girls Revival Reading Challenge.

Images: CW; Netflix