11 Cheap Holiday Gifts That Seem Expensive

If you have a lot of people on your Christmas list, then you're going to have to be savvy in order not to go into the red when it comes to your budget come January. That's why you need to hunt down cheap holiday gifts that look expensive — it's bargain shopping at its finest. While you don't want to pass down clearance box leftovers or last season's styles as a way to save your budget, there are still plenty of cute and fun presents out there that are conscious of your wallet. All it takes is some scouring and creativity.

An easy way to cut back on gift costs is to focus on accents rather than full-blown gifts. For example, instead of buying someone a coat, try getting a scarf instead. Or rather than getting them chelsea boots, swap that idea in for a luxe robe. Getting quirky home decor works as a great substitute, too — it won't get as pricey as clothes, but it still makes a beautiful statement. Prints, wall scones, decorative lamps, and fun picture frames will delight both your giftee and your bank account. To get you started, below are 11 gifts that are cheap but look expensive — happy hunting!

1. Mini Notebooks

Mini Floral Plain Notebook, $3, Etsy

Whether your giftee is an excessive note taker or just loves pretty stationary, these three dollar notebooks will put hearts into their eyes.

2. A Commissioned Portrait

Custom Line Art Portrait, $30, Etsy

Want to surprise them with a print of how you see them through your eyes? Commissioning a portrait usually costs bucko bucks, but this Etsy artist whips together one for only 30 dollars!

3. Geometric Wall Scone

The Original Wall Sconce, $20, Etsy

Geometric anything usually costs a pretty penny seeing how on-trend it is. But this one is a total steal for only 20 dollars.

4. Faux Fur Clutch

Faux Fur Two Tone Clutch, $25, Zara

Make a huge style statement for a small price with this two-toned fur clutch. If the texture doesn't add interest to your outfit, then the fun color contrast will!

5. Dress With Sheer Accents

Short Frill Dress, $35, Zara

Sure, you may look like you're ready to go drink champagne at an art gallery and contemplate buying pricey abstract paintings, but that doesn't mean you had to break the bank to achieve that vibe. Dress up your Christmas list in luxe fashion for less.

6. A Sophisticated Bucket Bag

Bucket Bag, $40, MANGO

The bucket bag shape has been in vogue for years now, with leather versions being sold in the 200 dollars margin. Copy the look for a lot less with this sophisticated and chic Mango version.

7. Sleek Backpack

Backpack with Metallic Fastening, $21, Zara

Trade out frumpy school backpacks for a grownup leather version, like this classic and sharp Zara one. It'll add sophistication to any winter coat and frazzled commute.

8. Statement Making Socks

Sandbank White Unisex Crew Socks, $9, Etsy

Decorative socks usually run for more money than a meal, thanks to how many sartorial points they give an outfit. If you pop into the likes of J Crew, a pair can easily go for 30 dollars, but these Etsy ones don't even break a tenner.

9. Print Art

Wilder California Mountain Cactus Art Print, $19, Urban Outfitters

Help them jazz up their room with artistic and colorful art prints. Keep the prints cheap and you can buy them more than one to start out a gallery wall!

10. Decorative Measuring Spoons

Crowned Leaf Measuring Spoon, $18, Anthropologie

Give your baker the gift of whimsy with these pretty measuring spoons. If anything, this will convince them to bake you cakes more often.

11. Statement Making Photo Frames

Pressed Glass Photo Frames, $18, Anthropologie

Put your favorite photo of the two of you into this stylish picture frame, and help them spice up their living room or bedroom with this interesting, floating frame.

Follow these tips and suggestions and you'll knock out your holiday list in no time!

Images: Anthropologie (2); Zara (3); MANGO (1); Urban Outfitters (1); Etsy (4)