ColourPop's LE Black Friday Lippie Is A Bestseller

The season of shopping has officially begun, and some of the best products are already selling out. In case you might've missed it, not only is ColourPop having a Black Friday a Cyber Monday sale, but they came up with an exclusive lip shade for the holiday too. Is the Friday Ultra Matte Lip sold out, you ask? There's some good a bad news about the big launch.

ColourPop is constantly creating new items on their site, and Black Friday was no different. The company launched Friday, an Ultra Matte black liquid lipstick, for the big holiday. According to their Instagram, the shade officially hit the shop on Nov. 24 at 11pm EST. The next morning, the shade was all sold out. Honestly, I expected nothing less. It might have been an unconventional color, but it was only $4.80 and they only had super limited amounts of it.

This isn't the first time the shade has hit the site either. It was officially created in 2015, and it sold just as fast that time as well. It's not often that you find the need to wear a black lipstick, but for less than $5, people couldn't help themselves I guess.

Friday Ultra Matte Lip, SOLD OUT,

That doesn't mean you should be disappointed though. ColourPop still has a pretty awesome Black Friday deal going on. Every single liquid lipstick is 20 percent off for the shopping event. That includes the bundles and the holiday items as well.

The sale has everything from KathleenLights' Lumière 2 to their new Blues Baby holiday bundle. Basically, everything you could possibly need to complete or build up your lippie collection. That's not all either. ColourPop will also be having 20 percent off the entire site on Cyber Monday.

Friday Ultra Matte Lip, SOLD OUT,

So even though Friday is gone for good, there's still tons of savings to softer the pain of not having the unconventional color in your collection. Fingers crossed they keep the color every year, because people seem to love it!

Images: ColourPop (2)