Hilary Duff's New Bangs Will Make You Want To Rock A Foxy Fringe

With a new season comes new change, something that Hilary Duff's new bangs prove. When the cold weather starts rolling in and we all transform into sartorial marshmallows buried underneath duvet-thick jackets, our hair turns into our only weapon. And what better way to pep up your look than ushering in a bold new hairstyle?

While some might take the plunge with a drastic new hair color or a dramatic cut, Duff went the foxy fringe route. The star usually sports hairstyles that skip bangs, so this wispy, fall-in-your-eyes version is a total beauty game-changer for her. There are many ways to rock a fringe, and the style she chose is absolute sex appeal. Rather than going for a Zooey Deschanel inspired thick chop or a sparse, Dakota Johnson sweep, she went for a side fringe that swoops just past her brows and frames her face.

And she's not the only celeb to mix up her look that way as of late. "The wispy, just-past-your-brows fringe seems to be the celeb hairstyle du jour lately: Rihanna work, work, worked 'em on her Anti World Tour this summer. Then Lucy Hale sported a temporary version for a photo shoot in September, followed soon after by fellow faux-fringe wearer Jenna Dewan Tatum," Glamour pointed out.

It seems that the fastest way to change up your look this season is to reach for a pair of scissors. And the great thing with Duff's side fringe is that it's low commitment. Its long length means it can grow out to ear-tucking lengths in no time, and the fact that it already sweeps to the side means there won't be any awkward in-your-eyes growing out stages. The look also adds a sexy vibe for when her hair is loose and down, and will create pretty face-framing layers when she decides to toss up her hair into a ponytail or up-do.

If you've always wanted to flirt with bangs but were too worried about the upkeep or dedication to the style, this is a great baby step into the trend. It's like the equivalent of an ombre: It only looks better as it grows out more and more. As per usual, Duff has inspired new hair goals.