Funny Cyber Monday Memes That Capture All Your Feelings About The Shopping Frenzy

While some of you are probably just barely recovering from Black Friday, others are already planning ahead for Cyber Monday. That's right — the sales aren't over just yet. There's still at least another full day of amazing shopping deals awaiting us all. But before you start wading through site after site of online discounts, take a couple of minutes to check out these hilarious Cyber Monday memes. After all, navigating the shopping frenzy will be a lot more fun if you do it with a sense of humor.

Cyber Monday — like Black Friday — has plenty of both pros and cons, as we know all too well. On the bright side, there are tons of great deals that you can browse, buy, and get shipped to your front door with just a click on your keyboard. But there's also a downside to the event: sites crash, coveted items sell out within minutes and — worst of all — your bank account suddenly starts looking shockingly empty. But no matter whether you love or hate Cyber Monday, there is one good thing about it that we can all agree on: the funny memes that surface every year about the chaotic shopping day.

These memes perfectly capture the conflicting feelings we all get every year right around this time — from the surge of happiness you get when you find the top item on your shopping list on major markdown to the annoyed desperation you feel when the site crashes just as you've added it to your cart. Check them out below and good luck to all those cyber shoppers out there!

Cyber Monday starts off with lots of anticipation...

Then there's the eager browsing...

Followed by a constant internal debate: "Do I really need another pair of black jeans? But they're 50% off!"

The questioning is only made worse by the skeptics.

And finally, after hours of online browsing and who knows how many dollars spent, it all ends with a partly nauseated, partly elated feeling that looks something like this:

Images: Memecenter; FunnyMeme