Instead Of Donating To Jill Stein, Donate To These 7 Organizations

Nearly four weeks after Americans went to the polls, the nightmare of the presidential candidate is still ongoing. At Green Party candidate Jill Stein's urging, Wisconsin will initiate a recount which, due to federal law, will be completed by Dec. 13 at the latest. Stein is also pushing for recounts in two other states, Michigan and Pennsylvania, which reported razor-thin margins from the Nov. 8 election. To finance the costs, Stein has asked for, and nearly raised, $7 million in the hopes of changing the outcome of the election But before you donate to Stein, you should donating these seven organizations instead for a more sustainable fight against Donald Trump.

Realistically, the recount isn't going to accomplish anything. It's nice that Stein is taking a principled stand against Trump and make sure that the winner of the election is legitimate, but the odds are stacked way against her. In order for Hillary Clinton to be declared the winner, all three states would have to flip, and the probability of that is just so low it's not worth it to donate to the cause. As incredible as it would be if the country didn't have to deal with four years of a Trump presidency, it's time to face facts and deal with reality. There are plenty organizations that will need your financial help to fight Trump where your money will be better spent — here are just a handful that could use your support.

Natural Resources Defense Council

As the above tweet reminds everyone, Trump's environmental policies could be disastrous for the planet. The NRDC is one of the largest and most tireless environmental organizations in the country, and they'll need your support protecting the United States' natural treasures.

The American Civil Liberties Union

The ALCU never misses an opportunity to call Trump out, so donate to the cause to make sure someone is holding him accountable.

Human Rights Campaign

With Mike Pence as vice president, LGBTQ+ rights aren't feeling super safe right now. Let your LGBTQ+ friends know you care about their safety and equality by donating.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

The DCCC is the central funding hub for congressional representatives' campaigns, and they're definitely going to need your help for the 2018 midterm elections. Giving money to the campaign fund means representatives have to spend less time making calls and more time fighting against Trump's policies.


This incredible organization helps to normalize abortion for healthcare providers who might otherwise object to a woman's right to choose. This type of grassroots work is especially important because most abortion regulations are made at the state level, so fostering tolerance in local communities can create the most effective ripple effect for change.

National Rural Health Association

As millions of people living in poor rural areas prepare to lose healthcare coverage from the GOP's promised Obamacare and Medicaid cutbacks, donations are going to have to make up the difference for now. The organization fights to save rural hospitals, which are closing at alarming rates, and place talented, competent healthcare providers in rural communities.

Children's Defense Fund

Donating to Clinton's favorite cause is the best way to say you wish she was president instead.

As with her presidential campaign overall, Stein's efforts are appreciated but unrealistic. These organizations are gearing up for the real upcoming fight against Trump, and they need your help to do it. Donate to them instead of Stein to see that your money is put to good use.