Blac Chyna & King Cairo Visit Santa & It's A Good Thing She Made The Nice List

Something I love about the holiday season — other than all the food — is the fact that adorable photos of celeb kids celebrating are all over Instagram, and as it turns out, November isn't too early for a visit or two to the North Pole. Over the weekend, Blac Chyna and son King Cairo visited Santa at a mall, and the resulting footage that hit social media afterwards is too cute for words. The only bad news? Chyna's newest addition, Dream, wasn't there, but I can only assume she was at home being cute with her dad since she's only a few weeks old.

In one photo, Chyna and King are doing the traditional pose sitting beside Santa on his throne. (And yes, before you ask, the Instagram Chyna tagged in the picture is King's actual Instagram, because why wouldn't he have one?) And she even included a video of herself standing on a scale to prove that she did, in fact, make the nice list. Yes, such a contraption does exist, and all it took was a few seconds of magical red and green lights to prove that Chyna will not be receiving coal in her stocking this year.

And honestly, after everything Chyna has been through this year, she deserves it. After watching Rob & Chyna, we've all witnessed the ups and downs that she and Rob Kardashian have experienced between all their relationship drama and all of the work and stress that goes with having a baby, especially having a baby with the entire world watching (and judging). Chyna definitely needs to enjoy this holiday season, and it looks like King will, too. I mean, look at this face!

Here's hoping the next year will bring so much happiness for Chyna and her little ones — and maybe even a wedding? I am dying to see it all go down, preferably via a special on E!. Can you imagine King in a tiny tux?!