Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner Spend Thanksgiving Weekend Together, So Looks Like Things Are Getting Serious

Things seem to be getting serious for Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner. The pop culture duo made in heaven (a Jonas Brother dating a Stark is what the holiday season is all about) spent Thanksgiving weekend together attending a wedding and hanging out with his family. Guys, it's only been a few weeks and we've already gone from "Are Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner dating?" to "This Time, She's Meeting His Family." I ship it. When reached for comment about the dating rumors, Turner's rep told Bustle that they do not comment on their client's personal lives. A rep for Jonas has not yet responded.

On Sunday night, Nick Jonas Instagrammed several photos from a wedding he and Joe attended. When he posted the one of their table, fans immediately noticed that a certain Sansa Stark was present — meaning that she probably attended the wedding as Joe's date. This wedding, of course, comes just several weeks after the happy couple was spotted getting cozy at the 2016 MTV Europe Music Awards and the rumors began flying in the first place. Now that she and Joe Jonas are at the same wedding (with Joe's brother, no less), things are getting even more real. And that's not all: Nick, Joe, and Turner even posed for a photo with a lucky little wedding guest.

"ZaZa was chilling with Sansa Stark when these Jonas Brothers moved in on her convo," the little girl's dad captioned the sweet photo. "But she was like, 'y'all can hang with us.'"

Of course, that still wasn't all for the Jo Bro/Sansa Stark weekend: It seems like the two also spent Thanksgiving skiing at Mammoth Mountain Park in California — with Mama and Papa Jonas.

Speaking on Live With Kelly prior to the holiday, Joe revealed that his entire fam will spend their Turkey Day skiing at the mountain.

"Tomorrow everybody flies in together," he said at the time. "We’re going to pick our parents up and go skiing in Mammoth."

It was no small coincidence then that Turner Instagrammed a photo of herself and a friend at Mammoth. I mean, they technically could have just ~happened~ to be there at the same time, but really, what are those chances when your boyfriend and his fam are also there? It seems pretty clear that Turner spent time with the DNCE singer's family while in Mammoth, and if "spending time with the fam" doesn't scream serious relationship, then I don't know what does.

OK, Joe Jonas and Sophia Turner (Jophie?). I'm here for this relationship.